“Christina’s approach is upbeat and she is constantly encouraging workshop members to take risks and “fail big” (bad habits and unrealistic approaches are addressed quickly and productively). I appreciated her professional insight and the realistic Voice-Acting-as-a-Business approach she uses. I also appreciated that all workshop members, regardless of their prior experience, received challenges appropriate to their own personal development.”

L.D. Weller (TMG Salt Lake)

“Chris is the kind of teacher that recognizes her students’ talents and supports them in their business. I went to her for a private lesson. Ten minutes after I left her office, I got a call to come back and audition for a radio spot. I booked the job. Thank you Chris!!”

Sandy Tieman (Professional Voice Talent with TMG Salt Lake)

I’m living in LA now and have an agent here. Things are great and it all started with you!

Matt Farr (www.mattfarrvoiceover.com)

“It’s so hard to find a safe, but challenging environment. Pushing me out of my comfort zone but in a supportive environment is what I look for in a class, and I felt that your class really delivered on that score. Plus, a fun last class!”

Laura Jones (Professional Voice Talent with TMG Salt Lake)

“I’ve attended other workshops before, but none as thorough as Christina’s classes.”

Andrew Jackson (Studio Professional and Talent)

“I am thrilled with my new demo! It’s success is in large part due to her driving home all of the essential components in our sessions! Seriously, I used every note and pointer she gave me!!”

Melisa Genaux (Special Education Trainer and Consultant; Professional speaker on Autism Spectrum Disorders)